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Maybe not the first place that pops into your mind when thinking about Italian wines, but definitely worth looking into.

Wine has been made in this area for thousands of years of course. The ancient Romans had to drink something before they were able to conquer lands with more grape growing potential. However, the last hundred years or so, the wines have been average and boring.

But that’s starting to change! The potential to make amazing wines is here for lots of reasons. One of which is all the volcanic soil in the area. Volcanic soil can add to the complexity, which can translate into tastier wines if taken advantage of. Luckily there are a lot of producers starting to make some good stuff.

Some of the more well-known areas from Lazio are Frascati and Orvieto. Wines from these areas have come in and out of fashion over time. The quality has also been on a roller coaster. Overcropping the vineyards has led to sweet, inexpensive wines without much pizazz. More and more good examples are starting to surface.

The grapes seen here most often are Trebbiano, Malvasia, and Grechetto. These varietal are often blended into white wines. Bellone is another white varietal also sometimes blended into the whites. Rarely a stand-alone, but seen a bit more now, sometimes even in a sparkling version. This is an ancient varietal that the Romans cultivated more than 2,000 years ago along with the red grape Cesanese. Cesanese can be very complex with a rich fruitiness and a profound earthiness.

Get out there and explore the wines from Lazio!!!

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