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Let’s do a quick rundown about the wine of Corsica

The wines of Corsica are as interesting and diverse as the island is itself. So many different expressions and styles! Of course, the rosé is amazing and perfect for a hot day, but there’s also much more on offer. The reds, whites, and sparkling wines are also super fun and diverse. There are even some producers making some interesting natural wines nowadays.

Red and Rosé Varietals such as Niellucciu (Sangiovese), Sciaccarellu, Carcaghjolu Neru, and Barbarossa

White Varietals like Vermentinu and Muscat

Corsica has many different types of terroir. There are vineyards all over the island. Some areas have had vineyards since 600BC!

*High elevations wines from inland areas planted in rocky soil can bring that acid and structure. Some vineyards are planted at over 1200 meters!

*Coastal Vineyards give us round, fruity wines with good body.

-Ajaccio on the east coast produce excellent and ageable reds mostly from Sciaccarellu and floral whites from Vermentinu.

-Vineyards in Patrimonio on the north coast are planted in limestone and produce big and powerfull reds mostly from Niellucciu. The whites are very aromatic and perfumy.

-Cap Corse (the pointer finger at the very top of Corsica) vineyards are planted in dry soils with winds from all directions. This area produces wines with great elegance and finesse. Hot sun brings the fruit, and the wind brings the acid. There are also naturally sweet sparkling wines made here produced from Muscat

-Corse Calvi in the northwest make big reds with great fruit and body.

-Corse Sartène is down in the southeast and a bit inland. Some natural producers are doing great work here with the use of all the usual suspects.

-Corse Figari has the oldest vineyards in Corsica and possibly all of France. This is a windy area mostly composed of Granite. The wines tend to have great finesse and have good structure. Some are made from the somewhat locate varietal Carcaghjolu Neru

-Corse Porto-Vecchio is on the southeast coast. The whites here tend toward the dry and fruity. The reds are also fruity with soft edges and soft tannins.

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